See how I can make a difference for your project

The unique combination of professional experience, personal traits, and education that I bring to all of my projects provide my clients with the following benefits.

Superior Quality in Less Time.
My skills and experience help me to understand your project, audience and goals quickly and deliver superior quality solutions in less time.

Understanding Your Business.
I understand your business and the issues you face, which helps me to frame the logic of a piece to best connect with your audience.

Understanding Your Audience.
In addition to understanding your business, I work to understand the people who make up your audience so that we can hone your message—using just the right words and tone—to connect with your audience.

Reaching Audiences with Information Design.
With an undergraduate degree in information science and minors in communication and psychology, I have a rich understanding about how people receive and process information. I use information design strategies to help audiences find information, which improves the chances of them receiving the intended message.

Navigating the Nuances of Language and Culture.
The subtleties of language and culture can be quite tricky, particularly when we are all speaking the “same language.” For example, English is the official language of the U.S., the U.K. and India, but is it the “same English”? Not exactly. Even within different industries and professions, specialized jargon exists; in some cases using it can be appropriate, in other cases not. A master’s degree in applied linguistics and international work experience help me to identify these issues and develop and apply strategies to address them, improving communication with your audience.

Maximum Efficiency with Technology
With education and work experience developing and deploying software solutions, I have a rich understanding of computer and information technology. This understanding, experience, and skills enable me to use (and, when necessary, troubleshoot) technology, providing maximum efficiencies to complete and deliver work, on time and within budget.

Managing Projects for On-time Delivery
My background in information technology has given me excellent project estimating and management experience on large complex projects. I bring that experience to all my projects, large and small, and to help manage the workload among my clients. I deliver when I say I’m going to deliver.

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