Donna Marcotte Consulting | Professional Writing and Editing Services
Donna Marcotte Consulting | Professional Writing and Editing Services

Why is it important to shape your message?

Shaping means to change something, making it suitable for a new use or situation.

You may have a basic message, but it must be shaped differently for different audiences. For example, a company has both customers and investors. There may be a lot of overlap in the material you want to present to them—such as the services you offer and the products you sell—but you may want to shape the message differently for people who are buying your products and services versus people who are considering buying stock in your company.

Browse some examples of my work

Please review these examples of my work. My portfolio is divided into these sections: case studies, columns & articles; brochures & collateral; websites; and, newsletters (online and printed).

Case Studies, Columns & Articles

P.E. Moseley & Associates case study: Altiva Software case studies: E&P magazine columns: E&P magazine articles: I have also ghost-written many articles for clients, which I can provide on request.

Brochures & Collateral

P.E. Moseley & Associates brochures: Altiva Software, Inc. brochure:

Websites for which I have been a primary contributor:


Altiva Software, Inc.

View press releases I wrote for Altiva (through mid 2007)on their News page.

Knowledge Reservoir, LLP

Newsletters (Online & Print)

P.E. Moseley & Associates online newsletters: SPE Pittsburgh Petroleum Section online newsletter: Here’s an example of a newsletter I did for an interior design professional society. Here are some articles I’ve written or co-authored for the Society of Technical Communication Houston newsletter, for which I was also the editor.
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