Donna Marcotte Consulting | Professional Writing and Editing Services
Donna Marcotte Consulting | Professional Writing and Editing Services

How can I help to develop your message?

The word “develop” means to gradually become clearer or more detailed. Sometimes, you just aren’t quite sure exactly what it is you want or need to say. I can help with this. Through guided questions, conversation and listening, I can help you develop your message to reach your target audience.

Meet Your Deadlines and Avoid the Headache of Writing it Yourself

Your new products, services, and projects often require many kinds of communication.

You may need marketing materials, website updates, reports, procedures, press releases, and more.

But do you have the in-house personnel or the time, energy, and skills to write it all yourself?

Consider the benefits of working with me—an experienced writer who can help complete your projects on time and with the quality your stakeholders expect.

I’ve been delivering professional writing services for nearly 20 years, with an industry focus on energy, engineering, and related information technology.

I developed this website as a simple one-stop spot for potential new clients to learn about my services and see some examples of my work.

My goal is to help you with your message—to develop, craft, shape, hone, frame, and deliver your message, to your audience, with the desired result.

Browse the site to learn more about how I can help you with your next project.

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